Recently, legislators submitted recommendations on teacher raises to our State Legislature’s Education Committees. The committees will meet October 3rd and 4th to discuss proposals and decide what kind—or if any—raises will be recommended for the upcoming legislative session in January.

Here’s what you can do: Join our sit-in at the upcoming committee meeting on Monday, October 3rd at 1:30 pm. We will WEAR RED in support of pay raises for educators around the state. Let’s pack the committee room so legislators cannot ignore us! If you wish to join the committee meeting sit-in, please email Gwen Faulkenberry at [email protected] 

You can also email members of the Education Committee and ask them, “What recommendations are you presenting to education committee chairs based on the adequacy study and what you know about Arkansas teacher salaries?” (If your personal legislators are on the education committee, please let them know you are their constituent. Remember to keep the email short, professional, and polite.) We’ve provided sample wording for you below. Committee members’ names and emails are also below.

See you on October 3rd!

Sample Wording:

I am a ____ year educator and parent of a child(ren) who is/was educated in (city). I understand that the Senate and House Education Committees will discuss teacher pay raises at the October meeting. What recommendations are you planning on presenting based on what you’ve seen from the adequacy study and what you know about Arkansas teacher salaries?

Here’s the email list of the Education Committee Members. Encourage colleagues to contact their legislators and the committee members:

Senate Chair Sen. Missy Irvin[email protected]
Senate Vice Chair Sen. Joyce Elliott[email protected]
Senator Charles Beckham[email protected]
Senator Linda Chesterfield[email protected]
Senator Jane English[email protected]
Senator Colby Fulfer[email protected]
Senator Greg Leding[email protected]
Senator James Sturch[email protected]
House Chair Rep. Bruce Cozart[email protected]
House Vice Chair Rep. Brian Evans[email protected]
Rep. Rick Beck[email protected]
Rep Ken Bragg[email protected]
Rep Karilyn Brown[email protected]
Rep Gary Deffenbaugh[email protected]
Rep Charlene Fite[email protected]
Rep Megan Godfrey[email protected]
Rep Steve Hollowell[email protected]
Rep Lee Johnson[email protected]
Rep Fredrick Love[email protected]
Rep Mark Lowery[email protected]
Rep John Maddox[email protected]
Rep Gayla McKenzie[email protected]
Rep Stephen Meeks[email protected]
Rep Reginald Murdock[email protected]
Rep Stu Smith[email protected]
Rep Nelda Speaks[email protected]
Rep Deann Vaught[email protected]
Rep Richard Womack[email protected]