A veteran and former firefighter from Rogers, AR warned folks this Sunday to take Covid-19 seriously. 

Robert Douthit was recently diagnosed with Covid-19 and shared a cautionary post on Facebook along with a selfie of him bedridden in the hospital. 

“I was one of those people who said it can’t be that bad, more people die from pneumonia than COVID. I was so wrong with my assumption that it wasn’t a big deal. This is the most horrific thing I’ve felt…I’ve hurt so bad that I cried out to Jesus to please take me home. I’m only able to type this out because I have one of the few moments when my body is feeling ok…Thank you to those who are praying for me. Please do all of the steps the CDC has put in place.” he wrote on his Facebook post. 

His cousin-in-law, Robert Herzfeld, shared on his social media page that, “Rob was a medic who served in Afghanistan. He’s also a paramedic and a former fireman. Rob is a friendly family man with a ready smile and a fun spirit… Rob is extremely conservative. I say that not because it’s relevant to his misfortune but because it is so important for us all to realized [sic] that the virus doesn’t care who you voted for. It’s out there and we are all in danger until we defeat it together. It’s way past time to us to pull together as a community and do what we need to do to win this fight and save lives.” 

Rob’s wife Karyn also shared that folks should “make sure your family and friends take ALL Precautions with this Virus. You don’t realize how real and how serious it is until it hits so close to home.” 

We wish Rob a speedy recovery from the difficult symptoms he’s experiencing due to Covid-19. Visit the CDC’s recommended guidelines for protecting yourself and loved ones from Covid or visit the Arkansas Department of Health’s guidelines for individuals and businesses

Photo credit: Robert Douthit via Facebook