Historically Arkansans are a resilient people. And now an adversary we never expected – Covid-19 – is forcing Arkansans to band together and work even harder towards a stronger, fairer, and more responsible state. We’ve done it in the past, and we’ll do it again because we’re Arkansas Strong. 


Arkansas Strong is a communications organization that equips and empowers Arkansans to live out the values that make us tough. We celebrate the stories of our people: everyday Arkansas heroes like teachers and farmers, nurses and grocery store clerks, restaurant servers and construction workers, firefighters and EMTs. The coronavirus pandemic has proven how essential their work is; but we already knew how essential they are as people. These Arkansans are the backbone of our state and the faces we see at school drop off and in the grocery store aisle. They teach our kids, deliver our mail, serve us meals. They are us, and we are them- essential because we are all human- the heartbeat of Arkansas. We proudly celebrate their stories. 

Arkansas Strong fights for a responsible democracy that puts people first. Our state motto is “The People Rule,” and we educate Arkansans on how democracy can best work for them. When all of us are involved in democracy, everyone benefits from our local school boards and city councils to the State House and Governor’s office. You have a say in what happens in our state, and your say is unique and important. Collectively our voices create a powerful cacophony that cannot be ignored.  We dream of a state where every Arkansan makes his or her voice heard. Our state should work for you; Arkansas Strong informs and equips Arkansans on how democracy provides better opportunities for you and for those you love. 

Arkansas Strong speaks out about the values that Arkansans hold and the humanity we share: the issues that keep us up at night; the bright future we dream for our children; the plans that we make for our families and our businesses; the hopes we have for our communities. We’re here to inspire folks in our great state to roll up our sleeves and work hard for our shared dreams. We have so much in common as Arkansans: We want a good education for our kids. We want health and happiness for our loved ones. We want our businesses to flourish. We want our towns to be safe and strong. We want to make plans for ourselves and our families and for those plans to have a fighting chance to succeed.  We are more alike than we are different. Arkansas Strong champions our shared values and provides a place where all voices from the Natural State are welcomed. 

You can expect Arkansas Strong to be a leader in defending the shared values of our people. You can also expect us to stand up for  you as an Arkansan. Our space is for you and these stories yours. And we want to hear from you. Do you have a story to share or dream for your community or your state? Drop us a line or learn more about how to become a contributor to Arkansas Strong here.