Today I must confess

That I’m a Mama’s Boy

No reticence about it

I declare it with pure joy

We started out together

I was born in Mama’s bed

I remember how she lived

More than the words she said

My Dad was a preacher 

And Mom a preacher’s wife

It was Dad who did the talking 

But it was Mom who lived the life

Mama always loved us 

No matter what we did

She would tear our backside up

But Mom still loved her kid

There seldom was enough

But she made it go around

She often slept still hungry 

When she laid her children down

Life was hard and desperate

Dad I could seldom please

I think what brought me through 

Was my Mama on her knees

I’ve seen some hard road 

Just like my Mama did

Mom’s life served me well

In the raising of my kid

What Mama couldn’t teach me 

Was how quickly the years would go

How soon her youth would leave

And how soon her step would slow

The Mom who heard my infant cry

Listened for my step at the door

So soon grew old and feeble

And can’t hear me any more

In my heart I tremble

When I think of the day

That God will send His angel 

To take my Mom away

But there will be a time

When I will hear with joy

St. Peter at the gate 

Say , ” Here comes Mama’s Boy ! “

 -Karl Hansen ( The Rustic Rhymer )   Oct. 21 , 2001

 Mom passed at age ninety three in March of 2003 .