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In-Person or Virtual Learning? Parents Face Tough Choice.

By August 5, 2020 March 28th, 2022 No Comments

Are you a parent or caretaker worried about your child’s learning options this fall? Take our survey and share your plans for in-person schooling or virtual schooling this fall.

Send you kiddo(s) to school in person during Covid-19 or keep them home for virtual learning: this is the question facing parents across Arkansas in the coming weeks. It’s a hard situation with no simple answers for parents or educators. I have a rising kindergartener at home myself; some days I worry he’ll be exposed to Covid if he attends in-person. Other days I worry he’ll fall behind if he’s schooled from home. And what about parents and caretakers who don’t have a choice but to send their children to in-person classes? Again, no easy answers.

On Tuesday, Governor Asa Hutchison reiterated that schools across the state are on track to open August 24th and remain open to in-person classes. The Governor has pushed back the start of schools by two weeks, from August 13th to the 24th. But despite the extra two-week period, teachers across the state have voiced concern over the risks of returning to in-person classes this fall. An Arkansas Education Association poll surveyed more than 6,000 educators across Arkansas. An overwhelming 90% of respondents said they are worried about student health due to in-person learning. Some educators are even considering early retirement in light of Covid-19 and the risks the disease poses to the public. One teacher is doing just that.

As parents and caretakers across Arkansas determine the best option for their children, we want to know what you think. Take our survey here and share if you are planning on sending your kids to school for in-person classes or if you plan on virtual learning. What other concerns do you have as parent or caretaker going into the 2020-2021 school year?