Most young girls daydream about their first kiss. I was no different.

When I was 13 years old, our neighbors the Johnsons moved out. The Johnson’s old house sat vacant for almost two years. The Johnson’s had made their home a place of happiness, barbecues, and laughter. Now that they were gone, the house appeared to be a sad, empty box. I looked at the tall grass and weeds surrounding the house and wondered if anyone would move in. 

My sister and I were the only kids on the block, so summer vacations were never much fun. Two days after school let out for summer vacation, I was sitting in my room thinking about the long, boring summer to come. I was moping when my mom excitedly called me to the front window, 

”Someone is moving into the old Johnson’s house!”

“That’s good,” I replied unenthusiastically. 

I was sure it was just more older people, and I didn’t want them to see me being nosy with my mom. All day my mom keep peeking out the window. I knew my mom missed Mrs. Johnson’s friendship and was hopeful about gaining another friend in the new neighbors. My mom baked some cookies and made lemonade then gathered me, my sister, and my dad to go visit the new neighbors. 

A tall lady with almond colored skin and pretty gold glasses answered the door. “Hello, we are the Thomas’s from next door.” My mom introduced us: “This is Dawn, Jenny, I’m Ephrianetta, and this is my husband Don,” my mom proudly pointed as she labeled our small family. “I’m Rose Owens. My husband, Carl, is in the garage, and my son Jeffrey is upstairs.” Ms. Rose told us. My father, who didn’t want to come, quickly scurried off to meet Mr. Owen, which must have gone well because they became friends quickly. Mrs. Owens went to the stairs and yelled “JEFFFREEE!” I heard movement and look at the stairs to see the most gorgeous boy walking down the steps. 

Jeffery slightly resembled his mom and was about a foot taller. He had on a black shirt, red and black basketball shorts, with white K-Swiss shoes. I knew right away that I was in love. My mom introduced us, we found out we were the same age and like most of the same things.

Jeffery and I became fast friends. We hung out the entire summer, made a bucket list for the summer. I taught Jeffery how to swim and he taught me how to play the Sega video game.

On the last day of summer, Jeffery and I were going over our bucket list. I had only one item left unchecked: kiss Jeff. “Did you complete your list?” Jeffery asked. “Most of it, what about you?” I completed everything except for one thing, then Jeffery leaned over and kissed me. My head was spinning, and I was happy Jeffery felt the same way I did. 

That night as I laid out my new book bag, and clothes for school the next day. I was pleasantly surprised at how different my summer had turned out.