This past Sunday in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, we came across a story we remember well at Arkansas Strong. It’s a story worth remembering despite the pain and devastation entangled in its telling.

It was a very much wanted pregnancy. And a tragedy where we had few options. But the fact that we did have options–had some control about what happened–made a huge difference and lessened the suffering for our family.

The option we chose is now illegal in Arkansas. Today, Arkansas families in our situation have no options unless they leave the state. The Arkansas Abortion Amendment, if approved, will correct this situation and allow families like ours the options and medical support they deserve.

Here is our story.

via the Arkansas Democrat Gazette

A few years ago, Greg Adams shared the story of Baby Kerry with us at Arkansas Strong. Syd, Greg’s wife, was pregnant with their second child when the unthinkable happened: they learned their very wanted child would not survive due to a fatal fetal anomaly.

Syd’s had a hard first pregnancy and her second already jeopardized her health. Would she take the risk and carry the pregnancy to term or would they terminate the pregnancy and say goodbye to Kerry sooner rather than later?

The Adams’ story is heartbreaking, but it’s also empowering. Because they had options from which to choose, they were able to decide what was best for their family during that devastating time.

Options, you see, give grieving people a bit of control and stability during untenable circumstances. And agency during heartbreak can often save us from even more dire outcomes.

We encourage you to read their piece in the Dem-Gaz. We also welcome you to read the story he shared with us at Arkansas Strong (part I and part II). Yes, a tale of grief and loss, but also a story of hope and redemption.